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Keep Your Hospital Safe and Secure

Protect healthcare settings with advanced cloud-based cameras, intelligent sensors, access control systems, and cutting-edge analytics, all meticulously designed to adhere to stringent HIPAA regulations and safeguard patient privacy and security.

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Technology Trusted by Healthcare Leaders


Protect All Points of Entry

Through strategic surveillance of entrances, hallways, parking lots, and waiting rooms, healthcare facilities can swiftly identify security threats, deter criminal activity, and gather vital evidence for incident resolution and investigative purposes.

Increase Emergency Response Time

Unlock a suite of solutions featuring instant push notifications for anomalous behavior, person-of-interest detection, panic buttons, and vigilant alarm monitoring. Quickly verify threats and seamlessly relay critical information to emergency services for swift and effective response.


Fall Detection Technology

Efficiently detect and promptly respond to falls and instances of patients being out of bed by employing a blend of audio- and video-based devices enhanced with intelligent analytics. Customize the system to simultaneously alert staff members while issuing event-triggered messages prompting the at-risk individual to return to bed. Our privacy features ensure patient integrity remains protected around the clock.

Putting the Care in Healthcare

In clinics, hospitals, and care homes where tasks often outweigh available manpower, safeguarding your staff's time is paramount. Our network solutions, equipped with advanced analytics, enable staff to prioritize tasks effectively, reclaiming valuable time to engage with patients, residents, and colleagues. Enhanced efficiency not only alleviates workplace stress but also fosters improved communication and swifter service delivery, ultimately enhancing outcomes and ensuring those under your care feel acknowledged and appreciated.

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